AOK!'s Main Studio now features In-Studio Live Heartrate Tracking! Get in the Red Zone at AOK!

welcome to the Red zone at AOK! fitness

Live Heartrate tracking now available!

The "Why" is simple- because when you are armed with more knowledge about the workout,

you can key in on making results happen. So when AOK! was given the opportunity to update it's systems

to include In-Studio Heartrate tracking, we jumped at the chance. We redesigned our AOK! app as well to sync with the data your Heartrate device could deliver. In the process we learned that the ripple effect of Red Zone tracking, provided motivation, more awareness of calories in & exertion output plus a little healthy competition never hurts when striving to reach your goals! It's visible only when you want it to be and it's provided to AOK! clients at NO ADDITIONAL COSTS beyond the compatible fitness tracking device.

So Our "Why" easily became our "WHY THE HELL NOT?!" It's an option we can happily and again affordable provide the AOK! client...we believe your health and fitness is worth it! See ya soon in the RED ZONE!

Compatible Tracing Devices