Personal Training means Personal Attention to Your goals!

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Is Personal training right for you?

If you have some serious personal goals or just need more motivation & attention then PT at AOK! is a good solution for you. Sessions can be private or shared with a friend and you'll find the extra "push" is just what you program needed.  High fives are free and extra added benefit for the success you achieve when you reach a new personal best!

Getting to know your trainer

AOK! Personal Trainers are certified & educated to provide you with the best tools to help you reach your goals. They can also pay special attention to your needs; whether you are coming back from an injury or just beginning a healthy lifestyle program, they can custom design a program for you.

Take the First step

It's always the toughest but we promise it'll be the best decision you can make. Your trainer will be with you  every step of the way. With 20 years of service backing our AOK! brand, we're pretty good at matching the best trainer to your schedule & goals. Just message us & we'll schedule your free consult.


AOK! Fitness makes affording Personal Attention an easy option. First, we have a variety of  packages & payment plans that make it painless to pay. Plus we offer a Bonus Off-Hours Discount for those with a flexible timetable. Be sure to scroll below for all your packages. All Ultimate 36 Members of AOK! also get a 10% discount on Regular Priced Personal Training Packages. 

Now let's get to work...

When we've completed the business end of things...that's when the work begins. You'll have direct contact to your trainer to set your weekly sessions and set the wheels of change in motion! Plus we can guarantee a program designed just for you with the emphasis on variety. AOK! does not lead you from machine to machine rather we use a free weights, med balls, bosu etc....basically every piece of equipment we have at our disposal to keep you movin' and working towards your goal! Boredom? Nah - we simply won't allow it!

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Personal Training Packages

Thank you for understanding that your trainers time is valuable and any cancellation within 4 hours of your booked session will result in the loss of that session.