Your Body & Gravity combine for a great workout challenge

Classes Included in this Category

 AOK! features TRX & K08 Units in our Main Studio (wall mounted) and In our 

Yoga Lounge (suspended from the ceiling)! Both allow gravity to work in combination

with your body creating a full motion workout that's intense & gets results!

We also feature other fun pieces of equipment in our TRX Circuits:

Equalizers, Rowing Machines, Spin Bikes, Surge, Gliders, Ropeless Jumpropes, 

Battling Ropes, Agility Ladder, Bosu, Medicine Balls 

Classes included in this category are:

TRX Circuit Training

Suspension Core & More

TRX Yoga Flow


TRX Pilates Fusion

How to attend

At AOK!, we believe in planning and scheduling your classes and we make it simple via our own APP. Search AOK for Iphone or Android today and create your account today.

These classes are included in any 

This Category can also be purchased for unlimited usage independently if you only want classes listed here.


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